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I'm doing okay, I just really needed to get away from things and potato around for a bit. Videos should be back to its regular schedule!
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Jordan C.
Jordan C. 9 minutter siden
😑hmm... ok Dom.. ok...
Carla Sparks
Carla Sparks Time siden
im 9
Carla Sparks
Carla Sparks Time siden
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher 2 timer siden
Ayeeeee domics uploaded
Johnathan Pinke
Johnathan Pinke 3 timer siden
your awesome Domics
Johnathan Pinke
Johnathan Pinke 3 timer siden
Ok some times you need a break.
Kev 4 timer siden
Did he break up with Clair? :o
Naomy Moreno
Naomy Moreno 5 timer siden
I kinda wanna watch the commercial
Landon Herring
Landon Herring 6 timer siden
like the yu-gi-oh reference
Junior Does Animations ]
Junior Does Animations ] 6 timer siden
Marz 6 timer siden
What dog breed is Nala?
Joseph Caltagirone
Joseph Caltagirone 7 timer siden
do you still play pokemon go?
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 8 timer siden
Just realized Dom is 30. God damn he looks young
Books AMT
Books AMT 8 timer siden
I dunno about you guys, but I wanna see the commercial.
COPS X 10 timer siden
Hey I just learned two wheelers today ,in one day........,so happy😄😄😄.....
Cooler Rafael Suprayogi
Cooler Rafael Suprayogi 10 timer siden
Imagine digging gold This post was made by the diamond digger gang
Reigndy Cacnio
Reigndy Cacnio 17 timer siden
Idk what to comment.
Zairan Leung
Zairan Leung 18 timer siden
She sounds kinda sus
mikail salman
mikail salman 21 time siden
and so are you
Double X Striker
Double X Striker Dag siden
Crackraccoon ._.
Crackraccoon ._. Dag siden
1:22 was that a..........tims cup?
Sofi T_T
Sofi T_T Dag siden
Amigo date cuenta.... mereces más
Akshay Singal
Akshay Singal Dag siden
THANKS!!! your videos has taught me a lot of tips to make quality animation
Alolan Raichu
Alolan Raichu Dag siden
Speckie Dag siden
I also live in Canada. I heard "January", and he didn't even need to finish the sentence. I knew.
Shafat Shafit
Shafat Shafit Dag siden
"I'll show you bitch. Fmmfmm."
ChosenPlays Dag siden
Hey I'm just here to ask people if my thumbnails are unattractive because I kinda have a hard time attracting viewers to my channel. I'll be glad to hear your thoughts about my thumbnails and content because it'll help me to improve. I'm still kinda new so I would really appreciate your feedbacks.
The Anon Pix
The Anon Pix Dag siden
I just remembered the reason why I have trust issues when it comes to relationship because of Domics' breakup videos
RayDUMPLINGdoesgames Dag siden
I didn't want to be professional because you made me wait. That's the most sputeful
Jexiplier Dag siden
was she American or a Filipino?
JacksTales Dag siden
Another amazing video!!
Gokul Gowda
Gokul Gowda Dag siden
Aurgha Bhhanderi
Aurgha Bhhanderi Dag siden
Hey dom, love your videos! However i really wanna see a hypothetical with the original crew. Not saying the last few were bad, i just prefer how you, jom and kresh get along! So yah waiting to see a hypothetical soon.
Kristian Acel Gene Cua
Kristian Acel Gene Cua Dag siden
that laugh at 3:44 cracked the shit out of me, lmao.
Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz 2 dager siden
Can you ever have a good life Leave this man you "nice girls"
Jimmy TheGhost
Jimmy TheGhost 2 dager siden
She sounds toxic man. Sorry she sounds petty. I would never assume I’m getting paid.
Nahuel Fontan
Nahuel Fontan 2 dager siden
What a boring story
Potatoplayz 2 dager siden
I love that music at the beggining
soulhunter91 2 dager siden
I love Dom, but he is like the Taylor Swift of the youtube world. Lol
Omer Mammadli
Omer Mammadli 2 dager siden
Turtle animations
Turtle animations 2 dager siden
Hi I am a big fan and a new animator you've in inspired me to keep on animating. And you've helped me get through tough times.
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 2 dager siden
I read "gold drug"
Phantom Striker
Phantom Striker 2 dager siden
Lowkey could have said that you make 100 dollars from it. And she would have gotten 2 dollars.
Preston Crane
Preston Crane 2 dager siden
“I want to get paid for not doing anything” basically
Player 2 dager siden
Taco is the real life..
Dingle Pop
Dingle Pop 2 dager siden
Can you tell us the story behind Steve ?
Dynamosaurus Imperious
Dynamosaurus Imperious 2 dager siden
I like this. This is good.
Wolfblood Klaw
Wolfblood Klaw 2 dager siden
It's nice that you apologized but you didn't have to. Your fans will wait for you😁
Why? Because
Why? Because 2 dager siden
Day 1 of telling dom "What did Steve Do in his video "Crushes" to make him hate him.
jcmiller23 2 dager siden
No idea why you apologized for production running behind schedule, that wasn't your fault and is normal in showbiz. Also she was an extra. Sounds like she was stressed and couldn't handle it well.
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton 2 dager siden
Bruh it is novy
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton 2 dager siden
Floofy Boi
Floofy Boi 2 dager siden
Am I the only one that wants to see the commercial now?
Rocky Mountain Television
Rocky Mountain Television 3 dager siden
Dude she is a good digger
Keon Harness
Keon Harness 3 dager siden
moral of the story is dont tell people you barley know what your going to do because they personality change up real quick
BoredSonicFan 3 dager siden
What? A storytime channel that actually animated? Impossible.
Ironskeleton 3 dager siden
Emily RedSed
Emily RedSed 3 dager siden
I hope you got through this okay! You're amazing
Devansh Sharma
Devansh Sharma 3 dager siden
I love the way he speaks its feels like he's talking to me
LeShawnDeQuea 3 dager siden
Honestly man it sucks that you're not getting any luck in the dating scene. You deserve better.
cooleplayz 3 dager siden
me: suprised the comments arent filled with simp
Vortex 2 dager siden
They are tho. Look at the replies of top comments.
A d A m
A d A m 3 dager siden
This vid make even me felt anxious and nervous
lenix gaming fan
lenix gaming fan 3 dager siden
I watched comics for a long time now and as soon as I heard "I started dating this girl" this will not end well Brake ups part 5
Josh Gian YT
Josh Gian YT 3 dager siden
Your girl is umm You need to do something about it
Gamer YT 674 ph
Gamer YT 674 ph 3 dager siden
Fun fact:30% of ur subs are filipino(like me)
Kunal Kumar
Kunal Kumar 3 dager siden
Your new gf is quiet, strange it seems.
Mr Coco
Mr Coco 3 dager siden
Goddamn she is really insecure! Domics didn't hold back this time!
oddballoni 3 dager siden
7.32M subscribers. Wow. I’ve been watching you for like 10 years now. You’re amazing.
Gotcha life Girl1305
Gotcha life Girl1305 3 dager siden
Hi,I’m a big fan and I was thinking of making my own animation NOpost channel.I was wondering(just a suggestion) if you could do a video giving some tips or what drawing apps are best to use for animation.Just asking and if not that is fine.
Qexcezz 3 dager siden
Hey Dom I have an idea for a Hypotheticals video with Jomm and Kreesh. You can teleport anywhere you want... BUT every time you do, you are blinded for half a second and it increases by half a second each time. So by the 50th time I teleport I would be completely blinded for 25 seconds. (I think i misspelled Kressh's name)
Peony A
Peony A 3 dager siden
(at the time)
Jakin Luk
Jakin Luk 3 dager siden
Although that is toxic, it's not exactly gold digging
Andres Sartiaguin
Andres Sartiaguin 3 dager siden
Man that your girlfriend showed you some red flags here. Man that is a terrible and an idiotic thing that your girlfriend did.
Blurplepie 4 dager siden
oh wow so dom actually dated someone who was legit evil huh
Oh My Josh
Oh My Josh 4 dager siden
Don't tell me this was Nancy...
Marquel Dewitt
Marquel Dewitt 4 dager siden
🧐Better then me bro just for her being greedy I wouldn't have gave her sh!+ You invited her out of the kindness of your heart and if you chose to get her little conversation money which you probably would have because y'all still was at the beginning of the stage of your relationship and you would have wanted her to feel secure some type of way or a bit happy just being a gentleman like hey here it's like a hundred bucks or something never know how much you would have gave her but the thing is she asked for 2% you was not obligated to get her anything from the start you're just being a nice boyfriend new boyfriend at that to invite her somewhere and she got to the nitty-gritty and wanted to know how much you made so she can calculate how much of the money she wanted and that wasn't fair to you bro at allat that point she went and got nothing and it would have been synchro swim from there either she would have been that mad that I didn't give her nothing because of her greedy actions and she didn't want nothing else to do with me or she just would have dealt with the consequences and maybe saw her wrong or not saw her wrong but call her for what it is and continue to date youbut nine times out of 10 if you wouldn't have gave her the the 2% she probably would have broke up with you I found a way to or make the relationship uncomfortable
Phazyo 4 dager siden
Blueberry-flavored Chips
Blueberry-flavored Chips 4 dager siden
Can you link the ad??
D M 4 dager siden
12 34
12 34 4 dager siden
So what’s the sponsor today?
Miri Creates
Miri Creates 4 dager siden
Have you ever been in a non-toxic relationship? I mean, I haven't either, but that's why I'm Seriously, I feel bad every time you talk about an ex...
Nozepi 4 dager siden
я ждал этого видео год
Sidics 4 dager siden
oi what happened to claire, whyd she break up
Anabelle 4 dager siden
"she was upset, understandbly" No, fuck this. It should have been: "I understand why the schedule has changed, because it happens! Waiting two hours is not a big deal, it's okay. I was the one who didn't want to be here the whole time anyway." End.
gone wrong
gone wrong 4 dager siden
Love from Bangladesh
Lorraine Cuevas
Lorraine Cuevas 4 dager siden
woahhhh it's been like 3 or 4 years since i've seen one of your videos. the intro brought me happy memories
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. 4 dager siden
I FOUND THE AD!!!!!!! she shows up at 0:41 & 0:45 (Also she responded )
TЯŪḞƑⱠËŞ 4 dager siden
She sounds horrible honestly :/ it wasnt your fault the team was late at all. Im glad you got to be a part of a commercial though! That sounds amazing! Im glad youre back too
F TM 4 dager siden
I hope you're doing well, man. Sorry you had to deal with that.
Logical Numi
Logical Numi 4 dager siden
Hey I was just playing some and I saw someone named Dominic wondering if it was you Could just be a random guy named Dominic but I was just curious.
Sam 4 dager siden
Wow. Bullet dodged. God help whatever mug she leeches off of in future.
Rwodanyvich Destra
Rwodanyvich Destra 4 dager siden
I like your new background
Real Winner
Real Winner 4 dager siden
WhoseAqua 4 dager siden
Time to watch another Dom video! Wait why am I not subbed...
Penfell 4 dager siden
Man, why are you the most wholesome guy?! She was demanding and unsupportive yet you're still trying to give her a break and see things from her perspective D: on an unrelated note, I'm a noob animator trapped in anime school and your videos, from years ago, were one of my driving inspirations for taking up this career path. So thank you for all your hard work and top notch story telling skills!
Lawrence Jacob Gamas
Lawrence Jacob Gamas 5 dager siden
You should try to create a podcast :)
Sameen Anwar
Sameen Anwar 5 dager siden
Watch her ask to be paid for being in this story😂
Who? 5 dager siden
Ima say it. Your girl kinda sus ngl
mario good
mario good 5 dager siden
why is this me
Remy Schrader
Remy Schrader 5 dager siden
seriously pay her min wage for her time (same as non-union extras make in L.A.) and then never have anything to do with her again and ESPECIALLY NOT THE NEXT GIRL WHO DOES THE SAME STUFF BECAUSE YOU GOT TO BREAK THE PATTERN MY MAN
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